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July, 07, 2016

ALS operating on 100% renewable electricity!

Advanced Lubrication Specialties is proud to announce that as of August 1st we will be operating on 100% renewable electricity! This switch enables us to further reduce our carbon footprint, insulates us from fluctuations in energy costs, and represents another step in our transition to renewable energy as the source of power for all our daily needs.

Renewable energy is derived from limitless sources such as the Sun (solar power), the wind, the natural movement of tides and heat from the Earth (geothermal power). This is in contrast to the consumption of fossil fuels which exist in finite amounts. Energy cannot be called renewable if it can run out nor be easily replaced (such as slow growing trees). Renewables are a benefit to our portfolio because they are inexhaustible and do not pollute our planet with toxic chemicals and gases; thus preserving our planet by slowing the rate of consumption.


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November, 11, 2015

ALS is taking the next step to a green and environmentally friendly manufacturing facility by using 100% LED lighting!

Do you know the benefits of green manufacturing?

First and foremost each change is one step closer to making a cleaner safer Earth for generations to come.  For example, the United States creates a significant amount of electricity by burning coal. When we reduce our consumption less coal is burned to produce that electricity and fewer chemicals are released into the atmosphere.

Secondly green manufacturing can help you save money. Obviously when consumption is reduced, energy costs go down. LED bulbs also last longer than standard HID bulbs. This means that along with energy bills maintenance costs are reduced which allows for a greater reported net income. 

These are not the only benefits of a greener work space. Replacing HID lights with cooler, more efficient fluorescent or LED lights reduces both the internal heat load and the ambient temperature of a facility. In the warmer summer months these temperature can reflect a difference of as much as three degrees! This kind of reduction improves safety, accuracy and productivity.

November, 11, 2014

Expands reach growing company

ALS will offer a new line of Advantage products to customers. And customer value will be enhanced through the addition of ALS technical services, sales force and manufacturing operations.

As a leader in metalworking fluid innovation, ALS commitment is to provide its customers with the best technology, service and value. This acquisition reaffirms that commitment and sends a clear message to the marketplace that we’re growing, preparing for the future and well positioned to be the supplier of choice for our expanding global customer base.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for more details. We’re excited to continue advancing ALS alongside this inspiring community.

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September, 09, 2014

New website launched!

Our new website will become the launching point for many exciting new features we will be rolling out in both the near and distant future. Some of our planned improvements include a mobile version of the site for phone and tablet users.

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