ADVANTAGE HYVOLT II Electrical Insulating Oil

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ADVANTAGE HYVOLT II Electrical Insulating Oil

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ADVANTAGE HYVOLT II is an electrical insulating naphthenic oil that meets the ASTM D-3487 specification for inhibited oils. Its very low pour point, excellent electrical properties and high level of oxidation stability makes ADVANTAGE HYVOLT II ideal for the demanding requirements of today’s leading transformer manufacturers. 


ADVANTAGE HYVOLT II has very high dielectric strength that exceeds most international requirements and excellent oxidation stability to reduce sludge and acid formation. Its inherent low pour point gives ADVANTAGE HYVOLT II excellent cooling properties and it can be readily mixed with similar ASTM D-3487 oils. 


ADVANTAGE HYVOLT II is designed for use in any electrical application requiring an ASTM D-3487 Type II insulated oil. 


ASTM D-3487

ADVANTAGE HYVOLT II Electrical Insulating Oil