ADVANTAGE Turbine Oils

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OUR ADVANTAGE turbine OILS are highly refined, premium quality oils developed to meet the requirements for use in large turbine systems. This oil is designed for use in circulating systems where exceptionally stable and long-life oils are needed to assure good equipment performance. This oil is characterized by outstanding performance in preventing rust, oxidation, foaming, air entrainment and many other factors that occur in sophisticated systems. 

ADVANTAGE TURBINE OILS meet or exceed the requirements for industrial hydraulic fluids meeting: General Electric GEK-28143A, & GEK-46506D; Denison HF-1, Cincinnati Milacron P-38, P-45, P-54, P-55, P-57, P-62; U. S. Steel 126, DIN 51524 Part 1, Mil-H-17672C, Westinghouse TLV 9013 04


Typical Properties
Product code429431437442444445446
Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C22324668142.595209
Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C4.
Demulsibility 10101010201525
Cu Corrosion, 3 Hrs @100*C1A1A1A1A1A1A1A
Acid #
Foam, D892PassPassPassPassPassPassPass
Oxidation Stability, TOST (D943)10 000.0010 000.0010 000.0010 000.00